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Storage Cabinets Cleaning And Maintenance
Jun 21, 2016

1. First of all, the storage cabinets should be cleaned and cleaned regularly.

If the locker has been used for a while, it must be cleaned up to keep the home environment tidy. And in the process of cleaning, it is best to also the storage cabinet to clean, with a damp cloth to wipe the storage cabinet clean, and then dry dishcloth to dry it, to avoid moisture residue, easy to lead to the storage cabinet corrosion, but also for the storage of things. After wiping out the lockers, store the items that were originally placed in the lockers.

2, second, to avoid storage cabinets and corrosive gas and liquid contact, to avoid the storage cabinet rot.

Lockers generally have iron, wood, and plastic three kinds, and for these three kinds of materials, are very taboo with corrosive objects contact, so to avoid contact with corrosive gases and liquids. In addition, to avoid moisture residues, water is also very easy to damage the lockers.

3, but also to avoid scraping the surface of the locker.

In order to maintain a good storage cabinets, keep the beautiful luster of lockers, first of all, to avoid the storage cabinets exposed to sharp objects, and then in the storage cabinet to clean when the best choice of cloth soft cloth, to avoid the cleaning process in the locker.




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