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File Cabinet Material:
Mar 10, 2017

File cabinets with what kind of substrate, choose what kind of material, is the key to the quality of the file cabinet, but also the determinants of price differences, consumers in the selection of file cabinets, must manufacturers indicate what is the base material.

Market file cabinets, the use of the base material mainly particleboard, MDF, large core board, logs four categories. Particleboard, MDF and large core board three kinds, manufacturers choose raw materials, technology, its quality, price is different, the latter can be a difference of 3 to 5 times times.

Particleboard has domestic and imported points, more moisture and not moisture-proof points. MDF has low, medium and high density of the points, but also waterproof and waterproof, import and domestic division. Moisture-proof, waterproof base material for import, stable and reliable quality, consumers are the first choice of material. When ordering, the customer must make clear its base material, the origin, the characteristic. Manufacturers should be required to provide small samples, in order to check the inspection.




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