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Brief Introduce Of Filing Cabinets Production Processes
Sep 30, 2017


Office filing cabinets are typically made of sheet metal or wood.It is a tall piece of office furniture with drawers in which you keep documents. We are specialized in the manufacture and export business,our main products including steel filing drawer cabinets,steel locker, metal shelves ,racks  and school furniture.Now please let us introduce the filing cabinets production processes to you.

Production metal cabinet main tools: cutting machine,  bending machines, punch machine, acid washing pool,  welding machine, electrostatic spray machine 

Material: cold rolled steel sheet, electrostatic powder powder 

Accessories: keys, door handles, door hinge, feet

 The production  Processes:

1. Design: according to customer requirements for the size,design,Care about the folding, inner edge folding. 

2. Cutting the material: cold rolled sheet to be cut with requires size such as scissors cutting the cloth.  

3. punch machine : Angular edges and handles parts , etc. (higher technical requirements for this item) 

4. Bending: Bend the inner and outer flap , etc. 

5. Spot welding:  reinforcement the cabinet 

6. Aic washing and phosphating process: mainly take off the oil and rust. 

7. powder coating : semi-finished goods put into the powder coating productiong line.

8. Assemble: Assemble doors and keys, etc. 

9  Finished Goods :  Packages

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