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Assembling Furniture For Your Office: Tips For Getting It Right
Nov 07, 2017


Assembling office furniture is not the same as putting together a piece or two for your home. Likely, you’ll be putting together multiple pieces — and the more there is, the more that can go wrong. Follow these tips to make building office furniture go as smoothly as possible.

Nothing’s worse than getting all set for assembling furniture only to discover you don’t have the right pieces. How much time have you wasted looking for the special tool that somehow wasn’t included in the box? Or worse, broken that tool on the first use?

Even with these helpful tips, you may still find the task of building office furniture too frustrating or time-consuming. “I finally surrendered to being the owner of a company with responsibilities that require my focus,” Hartnett recalls. “I hired a specialist to do the furniture, so I can be a specialist in what I know how to do.”


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