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Shelf production process:
Sep 05, 2017

The specification of the heavy-duty crossbeam rack column is: 80x60x2.0mm dedicated Shelf column profile. The use of High-quality strip by Kaiping, automatic rolling mill rolling, punching punch, and then according to customer designated height cut off.

The beam adopts cold-rolled welding beam, the specifications are: 80x50, 100x50, 120x50, 140x50, four kinds of specifications. is a cold bending industry for the production of standard products for the shelves. After the purchase, according to customer size,

Welding Shelf Connection Special column scratching, sanding can form semi-finished products.

Heavy-duty Crossbeam shelves are made of high quality cold plate (SPCC) by Kaiping, longitudinal shearing, bending forming and welded reinforcing ribs.

Heavy-duty cross-beam rack column and laminated plate processing into semi-finished products, the shot blasting derusting, oil removal can be sprayed. After completion of packaging delivery.

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