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Shelf Installation Considerations:
Sep 05, 2017

1, the general installation and acceptance of the shelves, to ensure quality and safety, promote technological progress, improve economic efficiency, the formulation of this code.

2, the installation of shelves should be according to the map construction. When the site or design is found to be in place, it should be put forward in time, after the change of approval can be construction.

3, the installation of the shelves of a variety of measurement and testing instruments, instruments, instruments and equipment should be in line with the state of the current regulations, the accuracy of the level is not lower than the accuracy of the installation requirements.

4. The concealed works before installation shall be inspected before the project is concealed, and the construction can be carried out before the qualified.

5, the installation of the shelves should be self-test.

6, shelf installation and construction, in addition to the implementation of this code, should be in line with the state (industry) standards of the current standard.

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